on Somali fashion: Hargeisa women’s edition



Fashion in Hargeisa is reliably modest. Lest you conclude, however, that it’s boring, allow a group of young professionals to prove you otherwise. Herewith, images and a few words on beauty, confidence, and modesty, from some intelligent, stylish, and fierce Somali women.

Somali women fashion Hargeisa hijabi modest

What is your favorite thing about fashion?

Salma: For me, looking good and unique.

Hodan: New fashions, keeping up with trends.

Salwa: You can have different looks, classic, formal, simple, all of it. You can wear any of them and you’re going to look just fabulous.

What’s does beauty mean to you?

Salwa: Confidence. With confidence you can wear whatever you want and you’re going to feel how you want to feel. But without confidence, even if you wear the best and most beautiful brands, you wouldn’t feel comfortable, you would feel that something is missing.

Salma: What’s inside you. The inner beauty, your character…

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