on a Tunisian souk

Very good:)


There are people who claim value in high art: ballet, opera, the finest works of most-lauded authors.


I agree, I do agree, that’s all important.


But if you ask me about poetry in motion, about where to find the art of life manifested,


I’ll point you towards the markets, the wilds of a city, like the souk of downtown Tunis.


You only know a place once you’ve learned its rugged streets, its funky corners,


the beauty it hides in small bites and in plain sight.


You know a place once you’ve engaged its most forthright ambassadors, its most plenipotentiary negotiators: market vendors.


You know a place when you’ve breathed it in, whatever olfactory sensations that affords you!



You come to know a place through the rhythm of footsteps on its pavement,


when the many aspects of culture, climate and locale culminate to produce a throbbing, artful chaos.


Greetings knock about as people…

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hello my name is Gianluca. LIVE IN GENOA IN ITALY. I have many passions (reading and travel), but three in particular: photography rugby sampdoria I have a degree in economics at the University 'of Genoa. I work at a large company of multimedia"


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